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Fortnite update 29.00 patch notes

Fortnite replace 29.00 patch notes (Image: EPIC GAMES)

Fortnite developer Epic Games has launched the complete checklist of Chapter 5, Season 2 patch notes. As followers await the brand new season to start in full, Epic Games has posted patch notes for replace 29.00. As you possibly can see from the patch notes additional down the web page, the brand new replace introduces a number of recent weapons, Mythics and skills, in addition to new areas, skins and an entire lot extra. Titled Myths and Mortals, the brand new season has a Greek Mythology theme, including new skins similar to Zeus, Cerberus, Hades, Artemis and Poseidon. An Avatar Korro pores and skin will likely be accessible to unlock later within the season.

Other new options embody the Thunderbolt of Zeus means, which lets gamers rise into the air and hurl lightning bolts on the opposition.

That’s on high of the Wings of Icarus, which provides customers the power to soar by way of the skies and divebomb enemies.

Other new weapons embody the Harbinger SMG, Gatekeeper Shotgun, Huntress DMRs, and Warforged Assault Rifle.

Returning weapons embody the Hammer Pump Shotgun, Frenzy Auto Shotgun, Nemesis AR, Thunder Burst SMG, Reaper Sniper Rifle and Ranger Pistol.

Elsewhere, gamers will be capable to discover areas similar to Mount Olympus and The Underworld.

Epic Games has additionally made a number of bug fixes and gameplay tweaks, which may be seen within the patch notes beneath.

As a reminder, Fortnite downtime for the brand new season is predicted to final till 10pm GMT UK time in a while March 8.

Fortnite replace 29.00 patch notes


• Mount Olympus

– You can’t have Olympus with out Mount Olympus.

– Home of Zeus, you’ll at all times really feel such as you’re being watched with the grand monument that graces this nice mountain.

• Grim Gate

– One technique to get there may be crossing the river at Grim Gate… the place the three-headed guard canine Cerberus awaits.

– Venture to the west of the Island to confront these canines!

• The Underworld

– Past the hounds is the house of Hades: The Underworld.

– Despite its flowing streams, the land of this metropolis is nearly utterly dried up.

• Brawler’s Battleground

– The god of struggle, Ares at all times welcomes a battle.

– Take him up on his problem within the Brawler’s Battleground area south of Mount Olympus.


• Thunderbolt of Zeus

– With the Thunderbolt of Zeus, you possibly can rise into the air and hurl lightning bolts at your goal!

– Use this energy properly although, because the Thunderbolt of Zeus has three most costs with a cooldown between each.

– How to wield this electrical energy? Pick up this Mythic energy throughout the Island or by defeating Zeus himself.

• Gatekeeper Shotgun

– Forged by Hephaestus for Cerberus, the Gatekeeper Shotgun can rapidly hearth three aggressive rounds.

– This Shotgun is finest at quick vary, so hit all three pictures quick to point out your chunk’s as unhealthy as your bark!

– When you’re performed, put together to your subsequent goal with a full journal reload.

– The Gatekeeper Shotgun may be discovered throughout the Island, however the Mythic variant is simply obtainable from Cerberus rolling over.

• Harbinger SMG

– Highly correct when first shot, it has dramatically elevated recoil and bloom as extra bullets are fired.

– But that doesn’t cease it from going all out. Find the common model throughout the Island or the Mythic model from defeating Hades.


• Huntress DMRs

– During battle, take a notice from Artemis and use a weapon created to dole out punishment from a distance.

– Even although it was created for gods to punish mortals, flip the script and use the Huntress DMR to punish the gods.

– You can hunt for Huntress DMRs throughout the Island… or get the Mythic model by searching down Zeus.

• Warforged Assault Rifle

– Powerful but unruly, this Assault Rifle has excessive harm, excessive charge of fireplace, and robust recoil.

– Find one throughout the Island or combat Ares for the Mythic model!

• Wings of Icarus

– With the Wings of Icarus, soar by way of the skies and divebomb your foes beneath!

– But beware: fly too lengthy and your wings will deplete, and taking an excessive amount of harm could result in a crash touchdown.

– Find this Mythic energy throughout the Island!


• Hammer Pump Shotgun

• Frenzy Auto Shotgun

• Nemesis AR

• Thunder Burst SMG

• Reaper Sniper Rifle

• Ranger Pistol


• Thermal Scope

– More than doubles the scope view and has a thermal impact you possibly can toggle on or off.

• Speedgrip

– Your motion velocity whereas aiming will improve.

• Weapons Bunkers

– The bunkers which can be unchained will unlock in the course of the match, once they grow to be able to raid!

– If mods aren’t your M.O., Weapons Bunkers even have… weapons.

Fortnite Zeus Mythic Lightning Bolt

Fortnite Zeus Mythic Lightning Bolt (Image: EPIC GAMES)


• Cerberus: Rise from The Underworld.

• Aphrodite: Lead together with your coronary heart.

• Poseidon: Slurp-god of the ocean. King of the seaside.

• Medusa: Humanity’s stone-hearted defender.

• Zeus: Warrior-king of the gods.

• Artemis: All should respect the pure legal guidelines, even the gods.

• Hades: The overseer of the Underworld.

• Avatar Korra: Guest character launching later this season.


• We tweaked development within the higher ranks to make it tougher and extra rewarding to achieve Unreal.

• Points are not granted for surviving with out taking harm.


• Ranked Cosmetics is probably not appropriately displaying the participant’s highest Rank.

– Ranked Cosmetics is probably not appropriately displaying the participant’s highest Rank.

• Players could also be unable to see their Rank progress within the Lobby.

– We’re conscious that gamers could also be unable to see their Rank progress when returning to the foyer, and the crew is investigating a repair for a future recreation replace.

• Splinter Assignment: The Ooze War Punchcard seems twice

– The Splinter Assignment: The Ooze War TMNT occasion quests punchcard seems twice. This is a visible challenge, the quests will not be credited twice.