War newest information. Michel: «Weapons to Ukraine in days or even weeks. Sanctions determined in opposition to Iran” | EUROtoday

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Michel: «Ukraine wants ammunition and air protection. Sanctions determined in opposition to Iran”

“Ukraine does not need words, but more ammunition and air defense, member states understand this and we had an in-depth discussion on this. And there will be an answer in a matter of days and weeks, not months.” The President of the European Council Charles Michel said this at the end of the EU leader's summit. “Everyone is making their best efforts.”

In the European Council “we decided to implement sanctions against Iran” for the assault launched in opposition to Israel, Michel underlined once more. “It's a clear signal that we want to send. “We believe that it is very important to interact with the countries of the region to isolate Iran – he continues – in order to try to support a peace process. We support Israel's security.” For Michel “the idea is to target companies that produce drones and missiles”, but these are ideas that will be developed “by the EU Council”, therefore at the level of foreign ministers.

On Russian interference “there was a very important debate in the presence of the president of the European Parliament. We can see that this challenge affects all democratic institutions. We would like to strengthen monitoring and be much more vigilant and we need to collaborate much more”, the President of the European Council said again during the press point. “We must bring together the tools we have, the European institutions on the one hand, but also the national authorities on the other, and it is a clear signal that we are not naive. We want to be clear and try to be much more effective,” she added.