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On social networks, masculinists and “trad wives” are all the fad. The former declare to be “alpha males” and consider that it’s their prerogative to dominate girls. The “trad wives” extol the deserves of an assumed femininity, the place Madame is on the service of Monsieur – and of the youngsters if there are any -, in line with a really conventional mannequin, straight out of the aesthetics of Fifties. Cécile Simmons, researcher on the ISD in London, specialist in equality and gender points in addition to social networks, helps us decipher these phenomena.

A sq. silhouette, very particular standards within the seek for a companion, the conviction that they need to dominate girls professionally and economically: that is the composite portrait of younger masculinists. On social networks, the motion is flourishing and increasingly males, typically very younger, are adhering to the ideology it conveys and its very gendered, even frankly anti-feminist, messages.

Present in all international locations of the world, from South Korea, the place the conflict on feminists (designated accountable for all of the ills of males) is said and assumed, to India, the place they oppose a change in regulation for the popularity of marital rape, passing by France, the place the motion is gaining recognition amongst younger folks, masculinists proclaim their superiority over girls. Beyond this name to really feel highly effective lies anti-feminism, even nationalism and supremacism. In Germany, its followers are additionally swelling the ranks of the far-right AfD get together, as our correspondents Anne Mailliet and Willy Mahler testify.

But on the web, trad wives have accounts with good aesthetics: clothes from the Fifties, impeccable blow-drying and good meals… The promoting within the picture is ideal and successful, with the magic method for happiness repeated again and again. desired by these influencers of a selected kind: the woman stays at dwelling whereas the person works exterior. On social networks, this life-style is successful, with greater than 300 million views on Tik-Tok.

The motion was born in American conservative circles, and was rapidly exported to the United Kingdom earlier than crossing the Channel and touchdown in France. In France, “trad wives” additionally exist, however in a barely totally different type from their English-speaking alter egos. With us, they’re extra the heirs of a previous and fantasized lifestyle, of forgotten good manners which had been present in aristocratic households. The influencer Thaïs d’Escufon is an instance. The younger lady was a member of the far-right group banned in 2021, Génération Identitaire. She belongs to the identical motion because the “trad wives” and claims to be frankly anti-feminist.

But wherever it comes from, the motion is a gateway to much less glamorous and extra political content material, which regularly results in radical, nationalist and generally even neo-Nazi feedback.