Orban accuses NATO of wanting to tug Hungary into the warfare over Ukraine: “The war frenzy is like a drug, addicts do not feel responsibility” | EUROtoday

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The Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbanbelieves that Europe prepares for warfare and that its outbreak will solely be a matter of time if the left wins the European elections subsequent day 9. “The supporters of war have lost common sense and want to defeat Russia, as the West tried to do in the First and Second Wars.” World Cup,” Orban said before the tens of thousands of people who attended the 'March for Peace' called by the ruling party, Fidesz. The march has nothing to do with the situation in Ukraine, since that is the name of the Orban's call to his followers before electoral appointments important since his return to power in 2010.

In this edition, however, Fidesz has turned the peace march into a pacifist demonstration. Orban has turned the elections to the Eurochamber in a plebiscite against military aid to kyiv and NATOwhich he has already accused of wanting to “drag” Hungary into the war over Ukraine, comparing it to the way Adolf Hitler pressured Budapest to join him in World War II.

“Without you, with out the individuals, we can’t face the overwhelming drive of those that search warfare and won’t cease. War frenzy is sort of a drugThose who’re hooked on it really feel no accountability, no regret. They don’t care about the way forward for her youngsters and can’t be persuaded. “We must stop them,” stated Orban, who despatched greetings to your Slovak colleague, Robert Ficoas a result of he additionally opposes warfare.

“They shot him because he is for peace and was about to give his life for peace, but Fico is not the type of man who allows himself to be eliminated. He will return to us, and Slovakia will continue fighting for peace together with Hungary” . The Slovak Prime Minister was discharged from hospital this Friday.

Participants in the march.

Participants within the march.Zoltan BaloghEFE

In his common language and likewise in opposition to his common enemy, Orban has assured that all of the lists on the left are filled with George Soro individualsAnd for that cause we’ve got to win the Europeans. “It's enough that Brussels kisses Soros's ass, they have to go,” the Hungarian prime minister burdened and added that to the individuals who govern with Soros, “instead of obeying them, let's tie a rope to their feet and Let them sink.”

Orban has insisted that “Europe has lost its mind and is no longer master of itself,” so it has nothing to say on the planet. “There are no brakes on the pro-war train, and the driver seems to have gone crazy”, has stated. “If you want to go to hell, the second door on the left. We Hungarians are not going to war, we are not going to the Russian front, we have already been there, we have nothing to do there,” Orban insisted to focus on that his intuition in keep away from fatality. “The Hungarian wagon unhooks itself from the war train, from the pro-immigration train, and we take our children off the train.” gender“.

Orban, who started his rally by praying to God for the blessing of the Hungarians of the Ukrainian oblast of Transcarpathia, who “have been ready for the tip of the warfare for 2 years, disadvantaged of their rights, within the shadow of the warfare and helpless,” He asked Fidesz followers not to give up. “One extra week of laborious work and we’ll go away the opposition out of the sphere,” Orban promised. He recalled that the last Peace March was two years ago, in the middle of the Hungarian electoral campaign and when “the best victory of the historical past”.

View from the Santa Margarita bridge.

View from the Santa Margarita bridge.Zsolt CzeglediAP

“How huge their faces had been, they had been referred to as lions, however then they turned out to have paper mach claws (…). They appeared like comets after which fell to the bottom,” he recalled. Now, he stated, “we’re as soon as once more in an excellent scoring place, we’re in entrance of the aim. But within the marketing campaign, routine kills. Comfortable individuals need to cheer from the sofa and don't make an effort.”

To win an election, “you want ardour, simply as in marriage you want slightly love to your physique. And shared love is named Hungary, that's why Brussels wants individuals like us, who consider within the energy of affection and unity,” Orban assured, shouting “Viktor, Viktor.”

Next, he pointed out that the peace march had been to the island of Santa Margarita, because this is the island of peace. “Saint Margaret introduced peace to the Hungarians when the Tartars devastated our homeland, and solely prayer may assist. The king supplied his daughter to God in alternate for peace. And so he did. The Tartars had been annihilated. Peace got here. And Saint Margaret retired to the monastery right here, on this place that earlier than Margaret was referred to as Rabbit Island,” Orban said, ending with a “We now not need to see rabbits, neither right here nor in Brussels. Let's give them a scare on the polls in order that they go away their places of work in a rush.