Putin: “The estimate of 50,000 Ukrainian losses per month is very conservative” | EUROtoday

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The president of Russia, Vladimir Putinmet with editors from worldwide information businesses at Russia's essential annual financial discussion board in St. Petersburg this Wednesday.

Although in his look he started by discussing how the bilateral relations with the US If Trump have been to achieve the White House once more, the battle in Ukraine has additionally been a protagonist throughout the intervention.

Putin has assured that Russian losses in Ukraine have been “several times smaller” than these in Ukraine. Specifically, his phrases have been “The estimation of 50,000 Ukrainian losses per month It's very conservative.”

“Russia has 6,465 Ukrainian prisoners of war“, whereas there are 1,348 Russian troopers captured by Ukraine,” continued the president, who recently revalidated his mandate. He added that more or less the same proportion, of 1 to 5, is observed in the fatal casualties.

“I can inform you that our losses, particularly in terms of irrecoverableare a number of occasions decrease than these of the opposing occasion,” said the head of the Kremlin.

He added that more or less the same proportion, from 1 to 5, is observed in fatal casualties.

Putin did not reveal Russia's death toll and injury figures, but Ukraine and Western military analysts believe they are significantly higher than the Ukrainian ones.

Regarding Western arms deliveries to Ukraine, Putin has said that they constitute a “very harmful step”especially if those who send them also “management” their use.

“Delivering weapons to a battle zone is at all times dangerous. Even extra so if those that ship them not solely ship weapons but additionally management them. That is a really severe and really harmful step.”

Relationship with Germany

The president also assured that the sending of misiles Taurus that could attack targets in Russian territory definitively destroy Russian-German relations.

“Now after they discuss additionally sending missiles that may assault targets on Russian territory, that, in fact, definitively destroy Russian-German relations”.

He added that the appearance of German tanks in Ukraine already caused a shock in Russian society, “which had a really optimistic angle towards Germany.”

The head of the Kremlin critic to the current German Government, which he accused of “not defending the pursuits of Germany.”

“It is obvious that Germany will not be completely sovereign, however the Germans exist. And it’s a must to assume at the very least a bit of about their pursuits,” he said.

He noted that Berlin is dependent “within the protection sphere, within the safety sphere usually. I perceive your dependence within the sphere of politics,” he said. He added: “Wherever you go, in any main publication, the final word beneficiary is abroad.”

He blamed Germany's lukewarm reaction after the sabotage of Russian gas pipelines on this. Nord Stream in the Baltic Sea, noting that “nobody is even outraged, as if this have been one thing regular.”

Germany has supplied Ukraine with Mars missile launchers, Panzerhaubitze 2000 or Patriot batteries, but the German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, has refused to deliver long-range Taurus missiles to kyiv, with a range of about 500 kilometers, precisely for fear that they could be used to attack targets inside Russia.

This, in the chancellor's opinion, would be seen in the eyes of the Kremlin as a Berlin's direct participation in the war.

While several NATO countries have defended the need to allow Ukraine to use weapons supplied by the West so that it can attack military objectives in Russian territory from where that country carries out its offensive against the border city of Jrkiv.

Russia, for its part, has warned against this and denounced that involving a “unpredictable” climbing of the battle.