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Three days earlier than the election, Emmanuel Macron gave a tv interview on Thursday on the event of the eightieth anniversary of the D-Day landings, whereas the candidates are throwing their final forces into the European marketing campaign. The president introduced on this event the “transfer” of Mirage 2000-5 to kyiv and the coaching of 4,500 Ukrainian pilots in France. He reiterated his alternative to not acknowledge a Palestinian state and attacked the technique of the far proper in Europe.

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The Head of State spoke on Thursday June 6 within the tv information of TF1 and France 2, on the finish of a day of commemorations of the Landing of June 6, 1944, to which the Ukrainian president was invited. An interview as eagerly awaited because it was contested by the oppositions, three days earlier than the European elections.

From Ukraine to Gaza, together with the worry of seeing the European far proper getting a rating this weekend, France 24 returns to the primary topics addressed by Emmanuel Macron.

  • Mirage for kyiv and coaching of 4,500 Ukrainian pilots

During this interview, Emmanuel Macron introduced that France would supply Mirage 2000-5 fighter planes to Ukraine with a view to assist it within the battle between it and Russia.

“We will announce the sale of Mirage 2000-5” on Friday, on the event of Volodymyr Zelensky's go to to France, declared the French president, specifying that the pilots of those fighter planes shall be skilled in France.

France additionally plans to coach 4,500 Ukrainian troopers, continued the pinnacle of state, assuring that there have been no French army instructors on Ukrainian soil “today”.

“Our wish is also to form a brigade,” he added. France, harassed Emmanuel Macron, doesn’t need “the escalation of the war”.

“Peace cannot be the capitulation of Ukraine,” argued Emmanuel Macron. “Peace must arrive through negotiation,” and that second, he judged, has not but arrived “since Russia continues to advance.”

  • A Frenchman arrested in Russia

Asked concerning the arrest of a Frenchman in Russia, Emmanuel Macron confirmed this data. “To be very clear (…), he works for a Swiss NGO which was founded by the former secretary general of the United Nations, Kofi Annan,” he declared, including that this NGO “does diplomacy, discussion work” and “serves many major international figures”.

Emmanuel Macron assured that this French nationwide would obtain satisfactory consular protections in such circumstances.

He additionally mentioned that Russia was in search of to “intoxicate” and “instill fear”, together with cyberattacks and “informational” assaults.

  • Gaza: no rapid recognition of a Palestinian state

President Emmanuel Macron was additionally questioned concerning the scenario in Gaza, as ceasefire talks wrestle to succeed. “Each day that passes increases the humanitarian drama and the impossibility of political discussion,” mentioned the pinnacle of state who, furthermore, mentioned he had no information of the final French hostages within the arms of Hamas.

Journalists additionally questioned him concerning the recognition of a Palestinian state. Where Spain, Ireland, Norway and Slovenia have formally decided on this course, Emmanuel Macron considers that “today, this is not the right answer because the situation is not stabilized on the ground. Recognizing Palestine while there is still Hamas in the tunnels? With the responsibilities that are mine, it is not reasonable to do it now,” said Emmanuel Macron.

The latter, however, left an open door: “France will recognize the Palestinian State when it is part of a complete package that will ensure peace and security for all.”

  • European elections and the rise of the far right

Three days before the European elections, the president did not avoid the question and called the French to the polls: “Given the degrees of abstention, I name on my compatriots to go and vote on June 9.”

The one who refused to comment on the polls which place the far right far ahead of other parties, including Renaissance, warned against an angry vote: “If tomorrow France sends a really giant delegation of the far proper [au Parlement européen]Europe can discover itself blocked”, he declared, citing as an example the European recovery plan or the European strategy for manufacturing vaccines since Covid-19. He added that “Europe protects us” , however that “she has never been so threatened”.

“The rising extreme right,” he concluded, “will weaken Europe, but also France.”

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