Top Tory issues stark warning against blocking Boris from standing at next election | Politics | News

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A senior Conservative MP has warned forcing Boris Johnson out of the party would be a “terrible mistake”.

Sir Jake Berry insisted the former Prime Minister should not be blocked from standing at the next general election.

The ex-Tory Party chairman made the comments during an appearance on Nigel Farage’s GB News show.

Mr Farage asked: “He’s going to be driven out of that party completely isn’t he?”

Sir Jake said: “I think that would be a terrible mistake for the party.

“I was asked earlier today whether I thought he should be able to stand.

“The idea that the Conservative Party would block the most successful Conservative Prime Minister we have seen since Margaret Thatcher standing at the election is for the birds.

“It’s certainly not something I would support, it’s not something I would support.”


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